Wednesday, August 8, 2012


There is a certain someone here at the office that is obsessed with Men's Wear....
(actually we all are...but we will let our intern take the fall...)
The twinkle in her eye that sparkles every time we shoot Tom Ford, Ralph Lauren, Etro or
Dolce and Gabbana men's
pieces is as bright as a ray of sunshine.
Today we would like to share our love for Men's Wear with you.

One of our favorite trends in Men's Wear currently are slacks with no break.

Break: A break is where your pants fall on your shoes, creating a horizontal crease in the fabric across the front of your pant leg. 
 While breaks are an important detail.....we love guys with out them.
It often presents cleaner detail, sleeker more tailored look.
It screams I've got it together. 

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